Breeding the Peters Twinspots (Hypargos niveoguttatus)

Apr 13 2016

From  Nick,  a UK Breeders` perspective

I purchased 2 pairs of Peters Twinspots in Feb 2014. All birds were UK bred. They were housed initially in inside flight cages until warmer weather arrived. They were fed mainly on mixed millets with a “softfood” mix a couple of times a week. This consisted of sprouting seed, eggfood, frozen pinkies and a protein powder. To be honest I don’t measure the individual components accurately and place more store on the mix being the right constituency crumbly and not too dry/wet.

Within a few weeks one pair were displaying to each other. I spoke to a colleague who had bred this species the year before. He told me that they only needed quite modest breeding accommodation, that the nest did not require special screening, and that in his opinion they were the easiest waxbill to breed that he had ever kept! They had their own breeding cage about 36” by 15” by 15”. I put a nest box in the bottom corner with soft hay and coconut fibre.  I lodged a small piece of foo...

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